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Asset Management Software

About DALIS (Data Asset Logging Information Software)

DALIS has been developed by DALIS Software Limited with First Asset Finance Plc from a need to log the asset and financial information associated with arranging leases and asset finance in one clear, usable format. With such a large volume of data contained in leasing documentation, from the start and end dates, agreement numbers, asset details as well as all the financial information, we found a need for one simple, useful place to store all this information. DALIS can also be used for assets that have no financial data attached to them.

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What our customers say

"With over 1,500 vehicles covered by a variety of finance and operating leases, financed by several lessors over various terms, it is vital that Veolia closely controls its leasing programme. Our implementation of Dalis has given us increased visibility and control of all of our agreements and the ability to search across many fields significantly reduces query resolution times. Being web based, access to the central leasing database can be controlled across the various relevant departments allowing these departments to work together efficiently."

Alistair Wragg, Financial Controller. Veolia Environmental Services UK