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Customer Service

First Asset Finance Plc prides itself on its excellent customer service track record. We are always available for help and advice and believe this has contributed to our historical success in retaining long standing customers.

We are available via email or phone and maintain a quick response and turnaround when you need it. Our friendly and personable service also means no automated machines or messages and you are guaranteed to always speak to a real person first time.

Your tender panel will also be exclusively maintained through us with constant correspondence and updates. We find the right funders for you, including your existing bank, if suitable. We help arrange the credit limits and choose the right type of tailored finance for your business. After that we can help negotiate the legal documentation to meet your requirements. The Tender Panel approach that we advocate delivers best practice as the rates are always current and it encourages competitive pricing. We believe our long standing relationships with the finance providers enhances this approach even more.

We offer advice and support throughout the whole finance process, from inception, during the lease period, and at the end of lease. Before funding is incepted we assist in checking invoices for verification and rates are analysed and presented by us for your confirmation and approval. Documents are checked and can be printed by us meaning all we need is your signature.

We want to offer a personal touch so that we can ensure everything is signed in the correct place and filed correctly with the Lessor. We confirm when funds are released to you and then our assistance continues throughout the period of the lease. We endeavour to hold copies of everything in case you lose or misplace anything, therefore saving valuable time and money requesting copies from a Lessor directly. Once your agreement is active and live in our online database, DALIS, we assist with early termination requests, insurance write offs, copy invoices, DD reconciliations, balances outstanding, additions, deletions or editions to your data.

We also offer alerts to give you notice when important changes are made or dates coming up you need to know about. Once your lease is approaching expiry we work closely with you and the Lessor to ensure everything goes smoothly. We can negotiate extensions, the returning of assets and selling of assets on your behalf. This way we aim to help you monitor costs and problems can be managed quickly and effectively. We know who to speak to for each option thus speeding up the process and obtaining the vital information you need as soon as possible.