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Leasiing Life Awards The Finance and Leasing Association

How FAF works

Use the arrow below right to see how FAF work.

Customer mandates FAF to outsource finance

Customer buys assets and batches for finance

Sends FAF invoices and specifications

FAF issues funding panel with proposal and back up documents

Rates received and analysed. FUNDER CHOSEN

Finance documents raised and issued to FAF for checking

Issued to customer for signing

Funds released to customers and agreement incepted

Copy documents held on file by FAF and data uploaded into DALIS

Full admin support from FAF

Access to DALIS for overview of asset and finance data

Life of lease and asset monitored by FAF and DALIS. Early terminations, copy invoices, DD reconciliations, balances outstanding

Lease ends

Notified of expiry prior to end date and intentions discussed. Alerts via DALIS

Whole of life costs capped

FAF can assist with selling, extending or returning assets