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Why would you use it?

DALIS is quick, easy access to your valuable Asset and Agreement data in one place.  It saves you time looking up different Asset and Agreement data in different places, on different systems.  Your data in DALIS is in one place, with PDF attachments to double check it against and verify. The fields we have chosen in DALIS are useful to a number of your different departments. It is accessed and maintained in one place minimising errors with amendments and retaining the integrity of your valuable data.

Use DALIS to search for information on daily basis, for checks and verification.  If you need more detailed calculations then run a report and export the data to be manipulated how you need it.

Use DALIS to upload the relevant attachments to your data. Most office based tools are for either text or numeric information and your scans and attachment sit in a completely different place.  DALIS gives you all of these in one place.